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Lyveco CFL lamps will soon be discontinued as we move over to all LED.

Our LED lamps are available in GLS, Candle, Round, GU10, G9, G4 and MR16.All caps are catered for with the most popular wattages, colours and lumens covered.

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The Graphic on the left shows lumen comparisons compared to less energy efficient lamps against CFL and LEDs.

This gives you an idea of the energy that can be saved, just compare how much energy a standard lamp uses compared to a 7W LED lamp, if a home owner changed every light bulb to CFLs or LEDs you can see clearly that there could be considerable savings on  electricity bill.

Graphic is supplied by The Lighting Association

Kelvin's Lamp Colour Guide

6200K - Blue Sky Light

5000K - Day Light

4500K - Cool White Light

4000K - White Light

3500K - Natural Light

3000K - Sunrise/Sunset Light

2700K - Warm White

Our Amazing LED Filament Lamps
lyveco-led-filament-candle-bulb-with-screw-base lyveco-led-filament-bulbs-gls-shape-bc-base