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Lyveco is not just about how much energy can be saved by the low power consumption of our CFLs and LED lamps, but also how we package them.

We believe Lyveco pronounced Live Eco should mean the whole item is eco friendly, so we put a lot of thought into how the lamps are packaged, we only use material for the packaging that can be recycled plus we are always looking for ways to reduce the packaging amount. Our CFL box is a great example of this, with its cut out,this has reduced the amount of cardboard used.

As lamp technology changes we will continue to bring products that are reliable and of high quality with a vision of a greener cleaner world

LED’S for all occasions

Whether it be round, candle, GLS, GU10 Lyveco have all the styles catered for

The technology has improved significantly since the LED lamp was first introduced, they can now produce various shades of light(Kelvins), start up is instant and some can even be dimmed.

Lyveco LED’s come in a wide range of wattages and caps as well and all are manufactured to British standards TUV GS approvals

We are sure once you try our LED’s for yourself you will agree that they are of excellent quality.

Make a change to LED

LED Lamps are now overtaking the CFL market, have you made the change over yet?

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